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Training on Nutrition

Parent training, in partnership with Pure Souls Learning Foundation, was held on 23rd Oct, 2021 on the topic ‘Cooking for individuals with Special needs without Using MSG’ facilitated by Mrs. Tolu Ajose.  The training was aimed at educating parents on how to cook without using MSG.

The training started at 10.20 a.m. and was divided into two sections: theory and practical aspects.

In conclusion of the training, she advised the parents to try to look for alternatives to improve their lives and work for a better life for the next generation.  Let us help our families to focus on natural foods so that our lifestyle should be changed to live healthy, she emphasized.

The practical aspect was made up of cooking without using MSG. She was able to teach the parents how to cook coconut rice with natural spices that we can easily find in our local markets, it was thereafter tasted and enjoyed by the parents.

At the end of the training, participants learnt about making healthy foods, natural spices which can be found in local markets and the danger of sugar content in our daily food.

Fourteen (14) parents were in attendance, and the training was closed at 3:30pm.