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Installment – 50% of the training fees upfront (before the commencement of the training) and balance of the 50% on or before a month of the training.

Any participant that failed to pay the balance as mentioned above will not be allowed to continue the program


Each participant is expected to undergo practical sessions of 60 hours to put in practice what they learned. Supervisor is allocated to each participant to guide them and monitor their activities with the children. The internship booklet will be given and the participants are expected to record their sessions in the book for their supervisor to check, comment, correct and sign. It is compulsory to record your sessions of the child you choose to work with during your practical periods. It is compulsory to go for your internship, failure to do so will prevent your graduation with others.

Contact 08180127108 for payment


  • Our Special Needs Certificate issued does not license participants to practice as an Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist or Behaviour Analyst.
  • This Certificate (Special needs Therapist) allows participants to work with special needs children and to act as special needs teachers/ therapists



This Certificate Programme provides intending teachers, therapists and parents with ample knowledge on how to manage children with learning difference as support staff, working under the guidance/ supervision of Specialists.