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 Patrick Speech and Languages Centre held a training on ‘Developing an Individual Educational Plan’ (Facilitating IEP Meetings) on 14th of December, 2019.

 The training involved mind- blowing discussions on how we can address challenging issues on IEP meetings. The participants of this programme included parents, teachers and therapists.

The training started by 10:35 am with a welcome address by Mrs. Dotun Akande (Centre Director), followed by an introduction of the facilitator, Loretta Burns.

The facilitator introduced the topic of the training by explaining what IEP meeting is all about, i.e. you can’t start a business without a plan and that the purpose of the training is to inform special education staff of the role of Administrative Designee during the Individual Education Plan meeting for each student. She emphasized that professionals should specialize in their field that is, they should stay in their lane and work as a team, and she also mentioned the types of IEP meetings: Initial, Annual, Interim/30day, Triennial, Amendment and Manifestation determination. She also explained the goals and objectives:

  • Make sure that every area of deficit is addressed with measurable goals.
  • Present your goals as draft goals and allow the team the opportunity for input.
  • Objectives should be based on skills that are needed to accomplish the goals.

During the interactive session, all the participants joyfully participated. The facilitator also gave some helpful hints on IEP team purpose: meet unique needs of each student, prepare for further education, employment, independent living, and determine whether or not a child is a student with a disability. She also encouraged parents with the slogan ‘put something in to get something out’. She mentioned the IEP Team Members which are the Parents and the General Education Teacher and also the IEP Process, that is;

  • First establish a positive atmosphere
  • Begin the meeting in a positive manner
  • Proximity
  • Self-Introductions
  • Focus on Child
  • Purpose of meeting
  • Desired outcomes

Refreshments were served and a group photograph was taken. The participants exchanged some ideas and bid themselves farewell.